The luxurious Cavo Spada Spa is a well designed spa, with top of the range facilities and professional personnel offering a choice of several personal, body and facial treatments. Anne Semonin, the high standards and brand name Spa Company, oversees this facility. The facility itself is spacious, immaculate and designed to calm your spirits and treat you to a new level of body rejuvenation and general well being.


Indoor heated swimming pool and hydro massage

The indoor heated swimming pool and hydro massage within the spa is large, with comfortable loungers, good lighting and design. The aqua and emerald colors of the heated swimming pool are well blended setting the atmosphere for a time of calm and pampering.

Jacuzzi, Turkish bath (hamam) and Sauna

Relax and let your body be soothed – take a Jacuzzi alongside the indoor heated swimming pool. Taking a Turkish bath and Sauna will help restore your body to well being.


In an elegant, soft, and cosy atmosphere, the Anne Semonin Spa offers a privileged area dedicated to beauty and wellbeing.

Our Spa invites you to discover the Anne Semonin treatment and massage collection, created for clientele seeking efficiency and absolute high quality service.

Immerse yourself into the tranquil world of Anne Semonin, rediscover your senses and emerge relaxed, recharged and glowing.


1) Ultimate Experience Age Protect – 1hr 25mins
Nourishing, revitalising radiance
A ritual that delivers an experience as individual as you. Bespoke blending of aromatic essences and trace elements combine with a tailored eye, face and décolleté treatment to perfectly balance, hydrate and revitalize, while offering the ultimate in skin protection.
2) Marine Mineral Purifier – 1hr 15mins
Deep cleansing, decongestion, remineralising
Traditional steam and extraction techniques combine with the power of marine elements resulting in a deeply purifying treatment.
3) Oligo skin Protect – 50mins
Detoxifying, balancing, decay preventing
The ultimate in anti-oxidant defence, this treatment instantly hydrates and balances, boosting oxygenation to the skin cells.
4) Soothing Skin Saviour – 50mins
Calming, hydrating, restoring
The secret to soothing even the most delicate skin lies in the exquisite blending of minerals and essential essences
5) Age Defend – 50mins
Anti-ageing, firming, toning
Redefine how the skin ages with the quintessential regenerating facial therapy.  Signs of aging dissolve as essential oils and minerals are gently massaged into the skin improving tone and elasticity.
6) Cryo Time Freeze– 50mins
Immediate radiance, toning, brightness
A flawless skin brightening experience, this facial uses the age defying effects of cryotherapy with 100% Active Serum to reinforce the skins firmness at a cellular level.
7) Sublime Radiance Express – 25mins
Refreshing, firming, healthy look
Suitable for everyone, the clever combination of cleanser, exfoliator and mask allows even the busiest person to attain a look of instant freshness.

Specific Treatment Collection

1) Exquisite Miracle Eyes – 25min/45mins
Brightening, distressing, refreshing
An exquisite treatment specifically designed for the delicate eye area brings together a unique combination of contour masks and specialized lymphatic massage, ideal for reducing the signs of ageing and melting away stress.
2) Décolleté Revitalizer – 45mins
Rejuvenating, hydrating, perfecting
With seaweed micro beads the unique double action exfoliator cleanses and softens the skin instantly brightening the complexion.

Anne Semonin Exquisite Massage Collection

1) Aroma Energizer – 25mins/ 55mins/ 1hr25mins
Uplifting, energising, tension releasing
Taken from the tradition of ayurveda the exotic, warming aroma of ginger stimulates and uplifts the senses.
2) Pure Rejuvenation – 25mins/ 55mins/ 1hr25mins
Protecting, regenerating, smoothing
Designed to deliver a flawless marriage of protective treatment and pure relaxing care.
3) Vital Detox – 25mins/ 55mins/ 1hr25mins
Detoxifying, stimulating, refreshing
The sublime synergy of lemongrass and peppermint is introduced into the body using specialized lymphatic techniques to effectively release toxins and stimulate circulation.
4) Relax & Renew – 25mins/ 55mins/ 1hr25mins
De-stressing, unwinding, restoring
Hazelnut and sesame form a rich base of oils to facilitate the slow, flowing movements of this total body de-stress therapy.
5) Volcanic Thermal Stones – 1hr15mins
Relaxing, warming, powerful
Muscles yield to the gentle yet powerful warmth of the black basalt stones, releasing tension and imbuing a total sense of relaxation.
6) Anti-fatigue Back Remedy – 55min
Tension releasing, restoring back therapy
An exceptional solution created to alleviate tension stored in the back, neck and shoulders and reduce fatigue.

Anne Semonin Ultimate Body Collection

1) Silhouette Re-sculptor 55mins
Anti-cellulite, firming, toning action
Sea Lotus extract, an innovative scientific discovery, holds the secret to smoother skin.
75 mins full treatment
50 mins excluding exfoliation
2) Glowing Mother-to-be – 1hr25mins
Pampering, rejuvenating, radiance
Nurture your body at this precious time with a specially designed therapy to treat muscle aches, reduce fluid and imbue total rejuvenation of the face and body.
3) Pure Detox Wrap Experience – 55mins
Detoxifying, purifying, uplifting
Wrap your body in a cocoon of Spirulina micro-algae to stimulate toxin release and purify the skin.
4) Hydra-intense Wrap Experience – 55mins
Soothing, re-hydrating, healing
A wonderfully gentle treatment suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.  Choose from anti-oxidant or relaxing oil blended with the delicate Noirmoutier Sea Salt, enriched with marine minerals, to exfoliate and enrich.
5) Supreme Anti-ageing Manicure – 45mins
Luxurious, hydrating, brightening dark spots
Cuticles and nails are gently refined and shaped to perfection following an application of self heating scrub.
6) Perfect Feet Pedicure – 45mins
Smoothing, moisturizing, stimulating
The perfect foot treatment begins with a deep exfoliation and hydrating foot mask, which together, smooth and soften the skin.

Anne Semonin Polish and Wrap Collection

1) Nude Scrub – 25mins
Moisturising, nourishing, soothing
An express exfoliation with the Nude Sea Salt & White Sand Scrub, leaving skin smooth and hydrated.
2) Nude Sand Warming Body Polish & Massage Ritual – 1h 25mins
Made to measure body treatments
Anne Semonin has created 4 luxurious body smoothing treatments, combining the effective results of the warming Nude Sand from Bora Bora with the highest quality of essential oil blends.  To make your experience truly your own, choose from any one of the following to suit your mood and your needs.
Energising & Toning
Antioxidant & Vitamin
Detoxifying & Draining
Nourish & Relaxing
3) Aroma Salt Fusion  – 55mins
Re-mineralising, nourishing, de-stressing
A tailor made treatment designed to boost the absorption of minerals through the skin.

For more information please check our Detailed Catalog.


Gentleman's Collection - Face

1) Gentleman’s First Choice – 1h15mins
Deep cleansing, purifying, detox
Natural sea minerals and essential oils combine with steam and extraction resulting in a skin that is deep cleaned and totally purified.
2) Essential Oligo Defence – 55mins
Cleansing, nourishing, skin perfecting
Defending the skin against environmental elements, this treatment uses the ultimate in anti-oxidant expertise.
3) Maximum Strength – 25mins
Remineralising, matifying, smoothing
The treatment that offers fast, effective, immediate results.

Gentleman's Collection - Body

1) Vitalizing Gentleman’s Tonic – 25mins/ 55mins/ 1h25mins
Relaxing, draining, energising
Recharge tired muscles and relieve tension with this potent blend of enriching oils.
2) Back, Face and Scalp Revitalizer – 55mins

Distressing, equalising, recharging

Beginning with a relaxing back therapy, body and mind are immediately de-stressed.
3) Anti-fatigue Back Remedy – 55mins
Uplifting, remineralising, revitalising
This vital back therapy incorporates the tension releasing properties of self-heating mineral mud with a tailored back massage.
4) Mineral Scrub – 25mins
Deeply exfoliating, smoothing, glowing
Ultimate skin maintenance combines the stimulating and uplifting benefits of peppermint and a lemongrass with pure mineral salts, for maximum smoothness and skin health.

For more information please check our Detailed Catalog.


1) Anne Semonin Ultimate Indulgence –2h

Unadulterated pleasure from top to toe! This treatment begins with an exfoliation of the backfollowed by a tailored body massage.

2) Absolute Rejuvenation – 2h

Beginning with the exclusive signature touches of Anne Semonin, lose yourself in an ultimate blend of well being and inner peace.

3) Heavenly Anti-stress Face and BodyExperience – 2h

A synergy of heat and cold is the essence of this truly exceptional experience combing a relaxing back therapy and anti-ageing facial.

For more information please check our Detailed Catalog.